Valentine’s Day

Is it Valentine’s Day already? There’s no way.

Valentine’s Day is special to a florist, it is easily the craziest day of the year. It brings so many people happiness and gives everyone involved the fuzziest of feelings. That actually might be from exhaustion.

Valentine’s Day is a madhouse at John Davis Florist, with so many of John’s friends coming in to help out. Whether that’s writing cards, answering phones, delivering flowers, or stripping thorns off roses, everyone helps out and has a great time!

With Valentine’s Day on everyone’s mind, we decided to do a special Valentine’s themed blog post. Some told me their favourite date they’ve been on, other’s told me their plans for this year, and Baelee told me what she wanted

Seth’s cutest Valentine’s date

“It was 6th grade and I had asked this girl out in my class. It was charming in the way that grade school kids are. I went to Wal-Mart and picked out a Teddy Bear and a necklace. My mom dropped us off at the movies and we saw Valentine’s Day.”

Meg’s ideal Valentine’s Day date.

“I’m not a big going-out person, and I’ve been married for such a long time. Since my husband travels so much, I prefer dinner at home because any time I get to spend with him is important.”

Ryan’s ideal Valentine’s date

“I love to be out and about! So I would pick her up with six tulips surrounding five white roses and a single red rose sticking out the top. We would then have drinks at Top Deck downtown and watch the sun set over the Savannah River. Then it’s off to TYBEE for dinner at Huc-A-Poos. After eating a slice of the best pizza in Savannah, it would be off to Doc’s for a final drink, then we’d walk home on the beach under the stars!”

Baylee’s perfect Valentine’s Day 

“He would pick me up in his pickup truck and we would ride out into the middle of nowhere. We would pull into a field where he had set up a picnic of Chik-fil-A, and another little basket that would have little crying sounds coming from inside. Inside would be two puppies, one French Bulldog named Opal, and a Blue Nosed Pit named Titan. We would eat dinner and play with the puppies!”

John Davis’ best Valentine’s Day

“Valentine’s Day is always so crazy so one year, Jennifer cleaned the entire house and made dinner at home. We had dinner and then went to bed. Best date ever.”

Everyone here wishes you the best of days tomorrow, and if you’re Valentine-less this year stop by and have a great day with us!


Thank you John Davis and staff for all the joy you brought us through your flowers. They made our dark days a bit more cheerful.

Hughes Family

John Davis made my daughter’s wedding super unique, even sending me pictures of the arrangements and bouquets after they were made. Our family and guests could not stop raving about the flowers!

Susan Hancock Abshire PR

My wife is happy when she sees something delivered to her from John Davis Florist. He never disappoints!

Ruel Joyner

John Davis understood how difficult it was for me to deal with my husband’s funeral. I didn’t have to think about it after only one phone call. He treated my loss with respect and paid tribute to my husband through his gorgeous arrangements.

Eleanor Scarborough

John treats everyone like family. He makes you the most important person in the world to him. He made our son’s wedding gorgeous and I never worried a moment about the flowers.

John and Lisa Curry

John created a special venue for our wedding in my childhood backyard. Everywhere I looked there was beauty, from the flowers John hung from our oak trees, to the amazing chuppah with flowers and greenery. He is amazing!!

Janie Garfunkel Cherney

John donates flowers every week for the lobby of the Jepson Center. It makes a beautiful statement and welcomes all the many guests who visit the Telfair. We love seeing what he will design each week.

Molly Taylor

John comes into our shop with a gorgeous plant or flowers and immediately our shop team and our customers smile. He has a heart of gold and we love having our shop next to his design studio. Buy Flowers!

Emily McCarthy Lifestyle Designer

When it comes down to the best memories of our wedding, it seemed to all center on our flowers. John Davis made each moment so beautiful, from the excitement of seeing my bouquet to the gorgeous reception filled with wildflowers hanging over our dance floor. It was priceless.

Linda Moody Client

John Davis’ heart is as big as his smile!

- Susan Mason Gourmet Savannah Chef